Monday, September 13, 2010

tutorial: how to make lineart in photoshop cs

okay, now I will explain how to make lineart in photoshop cs.

  • First, choose an image. Open in photoshop
  • And then, click on layer 'Background' and it will be like this. Change the name into 'layer' or whatever its up to you.
  • Now let's start make lineart. Change window 'layers' into window 'paths'. Click 'pen tool'
  • It's Skin line. Do that. click and drag the anchor point to make curve.

  • Now with more anchor point,

  • After that, click (right) on your mouse in 'path 1'. choose stroke path, and then click ok after appear pop-out box. Before that, choose 1 px brush type.

  • You must do that to make clothes line, hair line, etc.

  • Repeat that until you finish make your lineart. Easy, right? :)

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