Wednesday, June 30, 2010

cats :D

that is the cat. yeaaaah it live in errr what.. in.. tahu sumedang -_- with the other anggora, and 2 dogs.

and that is me hugged that anggora. It's so heavy ya know. -_- (don't see my expressions because Im so sleepy)

and, this is my cousin's cat, Athena :D

hi minna

nah I will start with that. That is a FOX. A FOX. just a quick draw, I made it moments ago.. this is Megu in fox version. nah now I'm bored. help mee out from this boredom!!


first. I wanna introduce myself. My name is Fairuz, my nickname is fira but i like ruz although. Im 11 years old, second grade junior high school. my hobby is playing, and drawing. and read comics book. I like to make original character,
im new in blog :D. the picture in the right side is my original character. Megumi Kiriyu. a fox.

facebook: Fairuz Alfira ファイルーズ
deviantart: RuzMustang
twitter: fairuz74